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Bob Dylan

What's up with BOB DYLAN's sound?

Saturday January 28, 2023

Steve Guttenberg, writer of Audiophiliac blog speaks about "The remixed version of Time Out Of Mind by a man named Michael Brauer" & goes on to say that "The remixed version is so much better than the original"

Podcast Image RSR390.jpeg

RSR390 - Michael Brauer - Brauerize ITB & Mixing With Emotion

Friday February 24, 2023

"Sonically good without the sonic soul is crap!" Michael talked about why it's the emotional stuff, not the technical stuff that makes a great mix, how to understand multi-bus mix compression, why plugins are fun, and mixing in Atmos on headphones.

Time Out Of Mind_edited.jpg

The Remaking of Bob Dylan’s ‘Time Out of Mind’: 25 Years Later, New Box Set Tells Tale of Dylan’s 1997 Masterpiece

Thursday February 9, 2023

Below, the man who reimagined Time Out Of Mind for the 21st Century, the legendary mixer Michael Brauer, takes Rock Cellar readers through his process, and explains why, while his version of one of Dylan’s best albums may peel away some of the layers of the original’s murky sound, it isn’t meant to replace it.


Michael Brauer Quoted in the LA Times on Remixing Bob Dylan

Thursday January 26, 2023

In a typically Dylanesque move, the crisp new mix by Bootleg Series veteran Michael Brauer clears away some of Lanois’ signature studio murk — precisely the thing, that is, that helped listeners hear Dylan in a fresh way back in the late ’90s.

Dylan .FM InterviewMichael Brauer on Remixing Time Out Of Mind

Michael Brauer on Remixing Time Out Of Mind

Thursday January 26, 2023

S01E21 Michael Brauer is a celebrating Mixing Engineer who has worked on 9 different Bob Dylan albums. Recently he completed a 'reimagining' of Time Out Of Mind for Bootleg Series 17.

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Audeze Live

May 18, 2022

Famed Mix Engineer Michael Brauer joins us for a visit at Eastside Sound Studio, where he talks about shifting his mixing rig away from hardware and into plugins for a nearly complete In The Box experience.

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Jaxsta Instagram Live Interview

April 13, 2022

Legendary mixer Michael Brauer talks to Jaxsta’s Rod Yates about his incredible career, his approach to mixing, the art of capturing emotion in a mix, the favourite mixes he’s done and much much more!

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Taking on Studio Myths: Vocal Mixing Tips from Michael Brauer 

January 31, 2022

One might logically first ask, “What are you listening for in the vocal before you even consider gear?” And that’s exactly what I did! The answers might surprise you.


Michael Brauer has his own view on vocal mixing.

Michael Brauer: “Initially I’m just reacting to the whole track. More reaction, with analysis coming later. The first thing is to ask for is notes or if the artist can be present, but (the artist’s presence) doesn’t happen much anymore.

“I try to make it more of the artist’s vision, but improved. I listen for how the vocal should be presented among the key elements of the song".


On The Record | Dekel Bor & Shure

May 11, 2021

Michael Brauer is a 7-time Grammy winning engineer, having won with Coldplay Parachutes (Best Alternative Album, 2000), John Mayer Continuum (Best Pop Vocal Album, 2007), Coldplay Viva la Vida (Best Rock Album, 2009), John Mayer Battle Studies (Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical, 2011), Calle 13 Multi Viral (Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album, & Latin Grammy: Best Urban Music Album, 2015), and Angélique Kidjo Eve (Best World Music Album, 2015) and Sings (Best World Music Album, 2016). Michael has also worked with Aretha Franklin, Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney & many others.

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Ditty TV with Michael Brauer 

February 14, 2021

Sam Shansky was able to catch up with Michael while he hunkers down in the Catskills in New York. Whether he’s working out of Electric Lady Studios, Mediasound Studios where he got his start, or any other space, Michael has an unparalleled ability to bring out the best possible sound from artists while putting his heart and into the work.

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PureMix Mentors | Andrew Talks to Awesome People Featuring Michael Brauer

February 1, 2021

PureMix Mentors | Andrew Talks to Awesome People Featuring Michael Brauer.


One of the best mixers of our time, Michael has worked with everybody from Aretha to Coldplay to James Brown to Dylan.

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Working Class Audio #319

With Michael Brauer

January 25, 2021

Total Clarity, Mixing From Your Heart, Transcendental Meditation, Forgetting Balance and Having a Great Team.

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Delving into the Art of Mixing Music

January 3, 2021

Brauer discusses his work over the past four decades, with insights into the art and science of music mixing, and talks about the importance of the Transcendental Meditation technique in his life.

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Studioszene 2020: Mixing philosophy and career of Michael Brauer

December 12, 2020

We are very pleased that Mixing Engineer Michael Brauer is part of the digital Studioszene 2020. The multiple Grammy Award winner brings the experience from numerous mixing sessions to the workshops and discussions, which are an absolute highlight of the program.

owc mhb.jpg


December 20, 2020

Join Sylvia Massy, Michael Brauer, and Dave Pensado on December 17, 2020 @ 06:00 PM CT for a free OWC workshop to discover the most important elements of mixing and how you can get a professional sound consistently in your studio.

mhb mixcon.jpg

Mixing Masterclass with Michael Brauer [MixCon 2020]

October 7, 2020

Michael Brauer is an exceptionally influential mixer who has worked with the likes of Coldplay, John Mayer, Grizzly Bear, James Bay, Aerosmith, James Brown, and many more.

Musician's Friend: Mix Engineer Michael Brauer | Brauerizing Through the Decades

December 19, 2019

What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audiMichael Brauer has been mixing records for over four decades—winning Grammys for his work with John Mayer, Coldplay, Calle 13, and Angélique Kidjo. He’s most known for his set of multi-bus compression techniques (a.k.a. Brauerizing) to drive more emotion and low-end into a song. We talked with him about how he developed this methodology, the changes he’s seen over his career, and why it is important to always keep evolving.ence's attention...

Un artifice de los sonidos singulares

June 19, 2019

Aretha Franklin, Calle 13, Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Coldplay, Bon Jovi, Eric Clapton, Pet Shop Boys y Bob Dylan son algunos de los músicos con los que trabajó Michael Brauer, ecléctico ingeniero de audio, en 43 años de trayectoria. Mezcló varios de los mejores discos de la historia; ganó siete premios Grammys, un Grammy Latino y hasta creó su exitosa técnica de compresión y mezcla de sonido.

SonicScoop - The Making of Brauer Motion: How A Master Mixer Reinvented Panning

Talk with Michael Brauer, and its immediately clear why he’s mixing like no one else: He communicates in conversation just as he does with his mixes – authentic, original, expressive.

64 Audio Spotlight - Mixing Engineer Michael Brauer

Vitaliy sat down with Michael Brauer at Electric Lady Studios in New York to talk to Michael about what he thinks about the 64 Audio A12 Custom Earphones and how he uses them in and outside of the studio

The Wizard of Compression

An eight-time Grammy-award winner, engineer Michael Brauer has put his magic mixing touch on albums for Coldplay, John Mayer, and the Dave Matthews Band among many others. He is known for his unique compression technique, often referred to as “Brauerizing.” 


Songs That Move The Needle - GRAMMY Soundtable | AES Los Angeles

The Producers & Engineers Wing, in conjunction with the Audio Engineering Society, brought together some of the most successful producers in music to talk about why certain songs have left an indelible imprint. Alex Da Kid, Don Was, Michael Brauer, Niko Bolas, and No I.D. sat down with Ed Cherney to explore the power of music.le more about this item. What's it about and what makes it interesting? Give people the info they need to go ahead and take the action you want. 

KEYS Magazine: Des Kaisers neue Kleider (The Emperor's New Clothes)

Michael H. Brauer ist eine faszinierende Persönlichkeit. Einerseits besitzt dieser Mann die Fähigkeit, sich über Jahre hinweg wie kaum ein anderer Vertreter seines Fachs in etliche Musikstile hineinzuversetzen, ohne Songs und Mischungen dabei einen zu dicken Stempel aufzudrücken. Stattdessen lässt Chamäleon Brauer den Künstlern und ihren


Audio Foro: De Cerca - Michael Brauer

Michael H Brauer is one of the most popular mixers in the world of audio.His resume pulling back. He has mixed class artists as Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Rolling Stones, Pet Shop Boys, Coldplay or Dream Theater and many others. He has won four Grammys for albums Coldplay and John Mayer.


Sonic Scoop: Mix With The Masters Announces Michael Brauer

Want to close out 2014 in style?

Your ears and eyes will be opened by Michael Brauer.

The year’s finale for Mix with the Masters assures it, hosting mixing superstar Michael Brauer from November 9-15th at the residentialStudio La Fabrique in the South of France.


The Memphis Flash: Mixing Elvis Presley - Interview with Michael Brauer

In early 2012 Grammy-winning mix engineer Michael Brauer got a phone call from Sony Legacy's Vice President Rob Santos that led to a very interesting assignment: remixing 2 of Elvis Presleys famous concerts at New York's Madison Square Garden...


Sonic Scoop: Behind The Release - Grizzly Bear Shields

The sound of Shields is the last thing you’d expect from a collaboration between the abstract indie rockers Grizzly Bear and a mainstream mixer like Michael Brauer.

Although he’s not well-known outside of the record industry, Brauer is famous within the studio world for having one of the dozen or so names that seem to appear on every other breakthrough release from the major labels. He’s even become something of a godfather for an entire style of mixing known as the “multi-bus” approach.


Stereogum: Grizzly Bear - “Sleeping Ute”

Behold, the opening track from Grizzly Bear’s full-length followup to Veckatimest. TODAY WE ARE ALL GRIZZLY BEARS. Fun Fact about that new Grizzly Bear press photo above: The fourth younger dude in flannel sort of obscured in the shot above is not Dan Rossen! But don’t worry, “Sleeping Ute” is definitely an electric Dan Rossen song. It’s in 6/8, and showcases DR’s “psychedelic tempest” songwriting side. Grizzly Bear, it should be said, likes to open albums this way.

Interview with Dave Pensado

Mixing Engineer Michael Brauer joins Dave and Herb on the 70th episode of Pensado's Place! Skyping in from Electric Lady Studios, NY (, Michael talks about his methodology when transitioning from mixing one genre to a drastically different one, along with his approach to starting a mix for a band and what to focus on. Later on Michael joins Dave in the Batter's Box and answer's viewer's questions in this week's Corner Office.

Icons: Michael Brauer — Never Stop Mixing

One of the first places you’ll pass on this classic block is Electric Lady Studios. Inside a spacious haven there, master mixer Michael Brauer makes sense of tracks in much the same way that the streets outside are resolving themselves, bringing a beautiful sense of order to each song he encounters.

Michael H. Brauer Wins Grammy for Engineered Album, Non-Classical

Michael H. Brauer, Joe Ferla, Chad Franscoviak, Manny Marroquin win GRAMMY for Engineered Album, Non-Classical - 53rd GRAMMY

Pensado's Place Show

In the 18th episode of Penado's Place, 4-time GRAMMY winning Mixing Engineer Michael Brauer joins Dave via Skype to give a tour of his studio and outboard gear, as well as talk about his infamous ""Brauerize®"" compression technique in detail! The entire episode is devoted to Michael as he answers viewer questions in ""The Corner Office"" as well as talks his favorite gear in ""The Batter's Box"". You don't want to miss this episode as Michael discusses everything from Coldplay lead vocal tracking to digital plug-ins!

Keyboard Magazine: Michael Brauer - On Playing Your Mixer Like an Instrument

This is the video companion page to Michael Brauer's "Play Your Mixer Like an Instrument" feature in our September 2010 issue. These videos will also appear embedded in the online version of that story when September content goes live. But if you're here now, it's because you already have the magazine, or because you clicked here from our Digital Edition. So enjoy!

Michael Brauer's Multibus-Kompression – Brauerize® – Fünf gewinnt (Recording Magazine)

Was tun, wenn der fertige Mix perfekt erscheint, die Korrekturwünsche des Produzenten in letzter Minute jedoch die Balance gehörig ins Wanken bringen? Und die Mixkonsole ohnehin bereits am Limit fährt? Auch der New Yorker Star-Mischer Michael H. Brauer sah sich mit dem Rücken an der Wand, als Aretha Franklins Producer während einer Mix-Session „mehr Bass, und dann noch mehr Bass“ forderte. 

ProSound News: Brauer Creates Dangerous Coldplay Mix

Multi-Grammy Award-winning Brauer mixed the song at his room at Electric Lady Studios in New York using the Dangerous Music Monitor ST-SR surround controller. While the new video debuted at London's Odeon Theater in July, playing before major movie releases, Coldplay released "Strawberry Swing" as a single digitally on September 14. The band is currently on a U.S. tour.

EQ: Throwing Caution to the Wind, My Morning Jacket Indulges in Their Evil Urges


Sound On Sound: Secrets of the Mix Engineers: Michael Brauer

The New York‑based star mixer Michael H Brauer has a reputation for eclecticism, both in the wide variety of artists and genres that he T he New York‑based star mixer Michael H Brauer has a reputation for eclecticism, both in the wide variety of artists and genres that he has worked with, and in his approach to mixing. His credit list is certainly very impressive and exceptionally wide‑ranging, featuring...

2007 AES: Masters Class


The Washington Post: Going Live With My Morning Jacket

The same is true for the live album, which was mixed by Michael Brauer (Bob Dylan, Coldplay) and mastered by legendary engineer Bob Ludwig. As James sees it, there's a common thread.

Vintage King: Producer's Corner

New York-based mix Engineer Michael Brauer has worked with the who's who of classic rock. While working on records for Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney and the Rolling Stones may be among his career highlights, Brauer isn't stuck in the golden age of rock 'n' roll.

Electric Dylan: Bob Dylan - Bringing it all Back Home (Part 1)

The remixing was done by Michael H. Brauer, who has previously done excellent remixes of Street Legal, Live 1966 and Blonde On Blonde.  Steve Berkowitz provided some guidance in the mixing process. The new edition has Brauer's stereo mix in both normal CD and SACD formats (mastered by Greg Calbi), and also his 5.1 surround mix (mastered by George Marino). 

Electric Dylan: Bob Dylan - Bringing it all Back Home (Part 2)

Michael Brauer clearly modelled much of his work on the original stereo LP: the editing, the application of reverb, and to a large degree the positions of the instruments.  However, he has somehow brought everything together with a much more dynamic, integrated sound, in very much the same way as he did with  Blonde On Blonde a few years previously.

Michael Brauer on Compression


Tangled Up in Bob: Live 1975 Is Dylan Concert Masterpiece - from The New York Observer

The more you know about Bob Dylan, the less you know. A truly enigmatic artist, Mr. Dylan’s work and life offer vaporous handholds, explanations and instructions. Attempt to grasp them, and they will only dissipate and re-form into another contexture or idea. When a door opens into his past-a glimpse of the Delvic Hotel in Hibbing, Minn., an old photograph of the songwriter reading the newspaper and drinking tea in a dingy backstage room in Birmingham, England-another door inevitably swings shut.

Brauer, Kahne Transferring McCartney Live Magic to Disc - from Billboard


Pushing The Envelope

New York-based mix master Michael Brauer has amassed an astounding list of credits over the years. Included in Brauer's lengthy discography are the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Browne, Billy Joel, Luther Vandross, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Michael Jackson, Jeff Buckley, Tony Bennett, Eric Clapton, David Byrne and many more. Brauer is also a consultant for Sony Studios and has recently been doing extensive work on DVD remixing.

From Luther Vandross to Coldplay

Listen to the debut album by Coldplay and you will understand how Michael Brauer captures the essence of an artist's

vision. His contributions to the music world include mixes for The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Joan Osborne, Bruce

Springsteen, Tony Bennet, Paula Cole, Jeff Buckley, Eric Clapton, Shawn Colvin, David Byrne, Aretha Franklin and many

Organic Music: Recording Coldplay's Parachutes - from Sound on Sound

'This is fantastic'. They were saying 'Let's try another', and we tried different takes of it, but I knew that take of it was great. And that track was sent off to Michael Brauer to be mixed, just to give him something to do, 'cause he was waiting, 'cause we went a little bit over time. And that mix came back, and when we put it on I was simply blown away by it."

Concert Review - Evelyn Glennie with Michael H. Brauer, QEH, 23 July 2000

The experience was as much visual as it was aural. The QEH stage had been set to resemble a cross between a junk yard and the bridge of a Sci-fi battleship. A mini had been spliced down the middle and placed centre stage, with a vast array of percussion placed around it. Computers and mixing equipment were placed at the rear. Cameras from both wings of the hall projected images of Glennie and her accompanists against the back, whitened wall. The percussion was variously illuminated in shades of green, crimson and purple. It was both stroboscopic and sublime.

Shadow Behind the Iron Sun

Artistic inspiration can be mysterious if not downright baffling. Solo percussionist Evelyn Glennie and producer Michael H.

Brauer say her latest album is based on, of all things, a 1976 Michael Crichton novel, Eaters of the Dead. Crichton's tale

of 10th century Norse culture as observed by an Arab traveler is intriguing, but the common ground between book and

music is far from obvious beyond the track titles and a certain eerie mood.

64 Audio



Empirical Labs - Distressor


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